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Submitted by Lalalo [1165850] on 19/07/17 06:22 AM - Last edited on 06/08/20 01:56 PM

Now listen here noobs,

I've seen plenty people advertising in trade chat that they are looking for employees for their company and some even starting a forum thread about this.  The best advice i have which works 100% everytime all the time btw is that you use the advanced search. This works best for TV companies and Oil rigs but i dont see why it cant work for other companies.

You search for people over the age of atleast 3k days ( you can search more for better work stats) and under the level 40 (this ensures that they are noobs and have no money) you search for online players and look through the list. Target those that are not in tv companies or oil rigs as it is easier to sway them with money. you would typically find players that are either in low paying jobs, employed by torn e.g. army or you will find players without jobs all together.

You will start he negotiations by saying "would you like a job that pays up to 3mill? " this generally gets them to reply as they either didn't know they could earn that much or they want to earn that kind of money. You ask them for their work stats which they will send to you. If they have good workstats which 90% of the time they do. Then you will say for those workstats i can pay you 1.5mill per day. They will jump at the oppuntunity.  


Lalalo [1165850]

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