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Hiding Your Money

Submitted by leboursier [1317312] on 13/01/19 01:08 AM - Last edited on 06/08/20 01:59 PM

When you first come into Torn City, as we all know, you start with nothing. However, after a period of time and dedication, that quickly changes. You find yourself with an abundance of cash and no way to keep it safe, except for the time locked bank of course. For new folks its exciting when you make big sales, especially in the millions.  That is often soon ended in terror as you discover that it can be taken from you by your fellow Torn Citizens. There are a number of ways of stashing your cash and keeping safe.

A good one is through the purchase of items. There is a constant market for minor items (i.e. Bricks, flowers, beer, etc etc etc). You can hide, and quickly produce profit, your cash in the purchase of these items at Bits n' Bobs or other stores avaliable in Torn City. Unfortunately, you can only purchase 100 items a day. Hoarding items is the same as hoarding cash! So where to hide the rest?

My best suggestion when it comes to big money is in the points market. Points are worth big bucks and are worth the investment, as well as a secure place to hide your money. I always suggest getting points to open a Bazaar as soon as possible, anyways.  The down fall to this is that usually you need several million dollars. Since it is often that the money you're trying to hide isn't always in such large amounts, where else can you hide your money?

With the use of points, you can purchase a Stock Ticker. Here is the most flexible place to hide money of any quantity. From a simple hundred dollars a share to thousands, you can hide your money in the stock market quickly with easy access by selling your shares. The downfall, unfortunately, is the market fluctuates. So it is best to pre-plan which companies you decide to quickly stash your cash. The more stable the better, obviously. However, with smart investment, you can also make a HUGE profit! Keep in mind that hiding your cash may come at a fee, because of minor drop in the market, when retrieving your money. However, the loss of some thousands is minor to safe keeping hundreds of thousands or even millions!

A quick and temporary way to stash cash is through "Ghost Trades". A "Ghost Trade" is a trade setup with another player, but with no completion of the process. For Example: You setup trade with your homie Joe Shmoe. Nobody has to accept the trade, it just sits there. However, you only have a 5 to 6 hour time limit before the trade times out and you get the cash back. 5 to 6 hours should be more than enough time to find a more permanent location for your money. Its a good way of quickly hiding your money before stashing it in a more permanent and secure location.

A more permanent and secure location is in a faction. It does cost some money to start your own, but it does give you a Treasurey that allows you to deposit funds in pretty much any amount. If you have a VERY good relationship with a faction leader, he/she may allow you to use their faction (if you're part of one) to hide your money. It may come at a small fee or may be only be avaliable as a temporary spot. 

I have noticed that several Torn Citizens have started their own company for the simple purpose of using it like a bank. For about $500,000 you can start your own company for the sole purpose of depositing funds for safe keeping. You wont earn any interest, but it's a safe place. You can also use that money to bring in some other players and maybe even make a small profit while hiding your cash!

If you're really trying to hide some big bucks, may I suggest the Cayman Islands! Granted, you have to pay for the flight. But, you can hide your big chuncks of money in a secure location.  Unfortunately, the flight is 25 minutes there and then another 25 minutes you dont have immediate access to your money. BUT, it is safe!

There is one more place to hide your money, any amount. Its in an item called a piggy bank. They are super uncommon but allow you to quickly hide your money. The only issue with this is that once its deposited, the only way to get it back is to break the piggy bank. The piggy bank is then no longer usuable. BUT, it is a good way to save up to get those big purchase goals!

A good way to get safe and safegaurd your money is making your character unavaliable. Get yourself hospitalized or go to Jail. You will still have your money in your pocket, but it is a good way to hide and make yourself unavaliable to muggers for a short period of time. You can also, after you reach level 15, fly to another country. For the period of time you are in the air, you are unavalible to muggers and attackers. I usually suggest the Cayman Islands, since there is a bank there already. But, you can really go anywhere and invest your money in items in other countries. BEWARE: Once you land in another country you are avaliable, again, to attackers and muggers.  So plan ahead!

This is my various methods to hiding my money! I hope that this information can be helpful for other players in the game. If you have anything you want to add, please feel free to let me know and I will include It! I will give credit where credit is do and include, if you so choose, your name in the credits of contributors! 

"Last night ... I spied something that I've not seen elsewhere. Its that I can hide money using the loan shark! I used my donator packs to buy a stock ticker and Kayla's recommended gear, then spread my money around stocks. I learned about which ones sell fast and which sell slow... but even the fast selling ones are kind of slow.  So I wound up taking a loan -- and now I have a 35k play buffer. I can get money in and out very fast and cheaply. Between the 'fast' selling shares and the loan shark I can keep my cash balance at zero for very little money."   Credit  ---- >  gamos [2250424]

Best of Luck to you all!

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