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More Ways to Hide Your Money

Submitted by Agent86 [13831] on 21/08/20 04:25 AM

Everyone making it in the criminal lifestyle today needs to find good ways to hide cash. Laundering money is a long-standing Torn tradition. Here are seven ways to stash your bones in no particular order. Some of these have been talked about elsewhere, but they are good and bear repeating.

1. Points market
Buying and selling points is one of the best way to hide money. Points hold their value, so you are likely to get nearly as much on the sell as you paid on the buy. Points sell fast when priced for a quick turnaround, so there is less waiting for your money.

2. Faction vault
Create your own faction just for the vault, or join a faction that will allow members to donate and retrieve cash. If it is your faction, the money is instantly available. If not, you will have to wait for faction leaders to get it for you. Who knows, you might be the next Capone.

3. Castle or Private Island vault
Buy one of these properties and use the vault. Increased happiness and a secure place to put your mad stacks makes it worth it.

4. Auction
Bid on your favorite trinket with a mountain of dead presidents, and your money will be tied up for the time left on the bidding. A cheap uncommon item ensures that you will win the bid, buy the item, and get the remainder of the money back when bidding ends, so pick carefully. The auction is the best way to hide money for a few reasons. First you can hide as much money as you want. Second, you can hide it for as long or short as you want up to 30 days, depending on the time left on the item you bid on. And lastly, the money comes back to you safe and sound as a money-order that can only be redeemed at the bank. Did someone say easy street?

5. Company vault
Start your own company just for the vault. Offer to help others store their money (for a price) if they join your company. Hey, you may even end up with a hot business property to flip later for a nice bit of coin.

6. Cayman Islands
Travel hassle and the risk of mugging makes this method a hassle when you need daily transactions. Leaving your golden parachute for long periods at the island bank might be best. The interest earned on your money definitely makes it worth the effort.

7. Item market
Depending on what you buy, the item market can be a quick way to hide cash especially if you own a bazaar for quick turnaround without a fee. But dollar for dollar, the points market is better for this kind of laundering unless you don't have other options.  Whatever you do, don't sell off at the local shops -- that is asking to get ripped off.


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