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Submitted by Suicid3_Woody [2161155] on 04/10/20 11:54 AM
This guide is to help you run a Company successfully with the help of many others in torn.

As many of you are aware running a Company in Torn can be very daunting at times when it coming to making a profit or simply looking for a new employee but lets try and make the rest of it nice and easy for everyone.

To run a Company you need 3 prerequisites which are detailed below.

1. Education = SEE BELOW!!!!!!

BUS2200: Statistics - Gain 2% productivity for your company
BUS2300: Communication - Gain 5% employee effectiveness for your company
BUS2400: Marketing - Gain an increase in advertising effectiveness for your company
BUS2500: Corporate Finance - Gain 2% productivity for your company
BUS2600: Corporate Strategy - Gain 7% employee effectiveness for your company
BUS2700: Pricing Strategy - Gain the ability to increase product prices by 10% without losing customers
BUS2800: Logistics - Gain 2% productivity for your company
BUS2900: Product Management - Gain the ability to increase product prices by 5% without losing customers
BUS2100: Business Ethics - Gain a small increase in your company's popularity
BUS2110: Human Resource Management - Gain a passive bonus to employee working stats in your company
BUS2120: E-Commerce - Gain 2% productivity for your company
LAW2100: Media Law - Gain an increase in advertising effectiveness for your company
MTH2280: Probability - Gain 1% productivity for your company

2Cash for start up, pay, advertisements which will be or should be covered once you get off the ground and you can see how much your company will cost to start up along with Stock Block prices HERE >>> 

3. Stock Blocks = SEE BELOW !!!!!!!

TCP = You are entitled to receive support for your company (if you are the director) which should result in a 10% bonus to profits when holding at least 1,000,000 shares.

TGP = You are entitled to receive a significant boost in company advertising (if you are the director) when holding at least 2,500,000 shares.


CNC = You are entitled to receive oil rig company sales boost when holding at least 5,000,000 shares.

SYS = You are entitled to receive supreme firewall software for you and your company when holding at least 3,000,000 shares.

With those 3 covered we can move on to the more important things like positions, advertisements, pay per employee and work stats you should be looking for.

Positions :

Positions differ from company to company and in some you only need 3/5 positions to run that company successfully, which you can take a sneak peak at someone's company and copy there system of positions or you can join here where you can ask away to your hearts content.

Advertisement : 

Advertisements again differ from company to company as a sweet shop can successfully on 500k advert where as the likes of TV's run on close to or above 20m a day which obviously all puts a dent in your profit margins so try and find that sweet spot so you technically don't have to put any of your hard earned cash into the company to keep it running.

Pay Per employee:

pay per employee is completely your choice as its your cash and profits that it will be coming out of but a system that seems to work is to pay your employees 50% of your profits so if you make 20m profit (after your advert has been taken) and you have a 10 man setup you can pay your employees 1m each.

Work stats:

The tricky part of being an employer as searching for a employee with the right stats can be tough but i can at least tell you what to look for in such a crowd, so lets say you need 4k END and 2k MAN you will be wanting employ a person with 8k END and 4k MAN which will give you 150% effectiveness but how do i know make sure they are 150% well big thanks to TornStats all that is readily availble at your fingertips thanks to IceBlueFire [776].
extra guides & scripts that helped me when i was learning company's will be posted below along with learning company's

All companies perks/special summarized 

Company enhancement suite 

And last all a Discord i'm setting up in correlation to this this tutorial with setups from multiple people who are willing to share there setup everyone.
All the people that have helped with setups are all credited on there setups provided, don't forget to show your appreciation to those who helped.
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