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At first, Some people miss starting education. Some people start whatever sounded good. Some people start a course after comparing the working stat gains. Some people ask their faction mates or in new player chatroom, and start. Some people forget. And, Some people just don't care.

But Education is as important as the real world education, in Torn. The below said course structure is what I have come up with, after some work. As like any other guides out here, follow it at your own risk. The interesting thing is, if you stick with Torn for long, you are bound to complete all the education courses.

English is not my native language. So please bare with my language. I am still a newbie and was advised by some caring seniors about not giving out the suggestions to the masses, yet. But I am here, just because I think it may immensely help at least a small portion of people, Or if someone finds a hole in this, then I can learn from that and gain some precious insights.




1) Having high addiction (7% ~250 Addiction Points) will kick you out of the education course you are presently doing. If you overdosed while you were in an addiction, there is a chance of increase in addiction percentage (up to 100 Addiction Points). That means, there is every possibility to get kicked out of your present education course, If your addiction percentage crosses 3-4%. Regularly do rehabilitation in Switzerland. Or Refrain from doing 'happy jumps' when you are below level 15.


2) Always mind your goals before starting a course.


3) Always try to use every mean possible to reduce education time.


Ways to reduce Education time (In order of usual feasibility):


1) Spending Merits on 'Education Length'. The merit upgrade removes 2% of the education time per upgrade, up to a maximum of 20% shorter education time with 10 upgrades.

Find at Awards > Use your Merits > Education Length


2) Promoting to the top rank of the starter job Education (Principal), you will gain a passive 10% reduction in education time. You will keep this passive even if you leave the starter job later.

Find at News Paper > Job Listing > Jobs > Education - Go to interview


3) Having a West Side South Bank University (WSSB) Stock Block of 1,000,000 shares will reduce education time by 10%. For this you have to first buy a 'Stock Ticker', at the 'Points Building', in the 'City'. This allows you to buy, sell, receive, send, or trade stocks. Later you can buy them yourself or ask someone to give the needed stock during the period when you are going to start a new course.

Yes, you don't need to have them on you all the time.


4) By joining in a PLAYER COMPANY ( 1* Fitness Center or 7* Hair Saloon ), you can earn job points and buy 'time reduction of 30 min for 1 job point'.


5) Using "Book of Carols" lowers current education time by 6 hours. This item spawns in Christmas Town.


You can read about each course and its contents here.

How to start?


For every one, to reduce their spending on medical bills, after the 'Newbie Protection' period, there is a need for having equipped with our own blood packets. These can be acquired by filling up of empty blood bags (Which are preferably bought at item market. They are also available at mission credit market in 'Missions' tab. But 'Mission Credits' are precious).


Why do we need medical supplies?


Being attacked is natural in this game. This is a crime based one. What do you expect?


All categories of courses are in three tiers. Completion of one tier courses of same group is a necessary for starting the next tier. Each group will have one Tier 1 (T1) course and one Tier 3 (T3) course. Tier 2 (T2) Courses vary in number throughout different groups/subjects.


To study a T2 course, you just need to complete the only T1 course in the group (which is 7 days).


To study a T3 course (bachelors), you need to complete all the T2 courses in the group (vary in time).


First courses


BIO1340 : (T1) Introduction to Biology ( 7 days )

BIO2127 : (T2) Intravenous Therapy (21 days)


From here onwards you need to work on supporting your battle stats. Which is the core part of the game.

The Popular approach is,


Completing subject 'Sports Science'.
Which has 10 courses and you need to spend 29 weeks for completion.


Gains: 2% Gym stat gains for all the battle stats and 2% Passive stat bonus for all the battle stats. You unlock Sports Shop.


Ex: You had 100 battle stats each = becomes 102 battle stats each ( from 2% passive stat bonus). Then train for 100 stats... Total would be 204.

You have gained 100 battle stats by training before = Now you gain 102 battle stats. (from 2% gym stat gains bonus). If you already had 100 stats... Total now would only be 202.

If you had 100 battle stats each and trained for another hundred = 100 + 102 = 202 + 2% = 206.04 total stats

I hope you understood ?


My approach would be like,


Take separate courses to concentrate on Passive gains for needed stats. As per many guides, there seems to be two kinds of training. I will separately list out the courses needed to be done for each build.


First training method (All the reasoning behind choosing this build is here),This build totally skips DEXTERITY training altogether. And will train in ratio of ...

DEF : STR : SPE = 1.3 to1.5 : 1 : 1



My main concentration would be training to get 'Passive stat bonuses' rather than 'Gym stat gains'. (Because when we have passive stat bonuses, we will boost already trained stats as well as newly training stats.


***DEF1700 - (T1) Introduction to Self Defense (1W)

***DEF2740 - (T2) +3% Passive bonus to Defense (2W)

***DEF2750 - (T2) +2% Passive bonus to Speed (2W)

***DEF2760 - (T2) +3% Passive bonus to Speed (3W)

(after 8 weeks, you will have your Defense boosted for 3% on whole and Speed for 5%)


***HAF1103 - (T1) Introduction to Health and Fitness (1W)

***HAF2106 - (T2)+1% Passive bonus to strength (2W)

***HAF2107 - (T2) +2% Passive bonus to strength (2W)

(After another 5 week, 3% bonus for Strength)


***SPT1430 - (T1) Introduction to Sports Science (1W)

***SPT2490 - (T2) +2% Passive bonus to Speed and Strength (3W)

***SPT2460 - (T2) +1% Passive bonus to Defense gains (2W)

***HAF2105 - (T2) +1% Passive bonus to speed (2W)

***HAF2106 - (T2) +1% Passive bonus to strength (2W)


After 23 weeks of Battle stat passive training, you are at Strength 6% boost, Defense 6% boost, and Speed 6% boost.


Later you can choose any other subjects of interest or you can continue for battle stat training. Because you are no more a NEWBIE.

For The Popular training approach, which is simultaneously training all the battle stats equally, You just need to add Dexterity training for the above courses


All the Above Courses. +

***PSY1630 - (T1) Introduction to Psychology (1W)

***PSY2670 - (T2) +8% Passive bonus to Dexterity (4W)




1) Never get tempted to go for other courses before your Battle stat training. Not because they are not worthy, But because 'battle stats' are a little more worthy. You will lose months of time that way.


2) In Computer science, Business, Law, and Biology, there are courses which can tempt you to opt for them during the initial days. But battles stats dictate many other things in the long run.


3) Many drugs and Addiction have battle stat reduction as a side effect. These courses can counter them, at least partially.


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