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Self sufficient training of 3 Xanax + energy refill daily

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Congratulations! You just did your last Happy Jump! This is the threshold where training your natural regeneration of daily energy is more valuable than stacking 1000 energy across 30 hours for a happy jump.  

So what now? 

It can be tempting to get caught up in bounty hunting, mugging, or other activities in Torn that cost your precious energy. But too much of this will result in stunted battle stat growth. Many long term muggers neglect the gym and are left behind their peers quickly. 

Following a regiment of 3 xanax and 1 energy refill trained in the gym daily is key for consistent battle stats growth. This is a total of 1,350 energy per day and exceeds the training requirements for every faction I can think of. 

The intent of this guide is to show players who have just finished with Happy Jumps how to maintain a training level of 3 Xanax + an energy refill daily by following the steps below. This guide works best for players who dont have the time or inclination to be active in Torn trading, mugging or otherwise actively earning money. It can be maintained by logging in 3 times per day for 5 to 10 minutes each. 

  • First thing in the morning and with zero drug cooldown and 150 / 150 energy. Train the 150 energy and then take a Xanax and train the 250 energy. Staggering the trains like this will minimise the energy lost should you happen to overdose. 
  • Board a flight to the UK, Argentina, or Switzerland. Anything longer will waste energy regeneration (ie. Your energy will be full before you arrive back in Torn)
  • Once you arrive Abroad your energy will be 60 or 65 out of 150. Purchase your flowers or plushies and decide if you want to mug here or fly back.

The following paragraph is for if you choose to mug. If you choose not to mug, proceed the next bullet. 

You can mug up to twice. Look for gold star donator status accounts that work at a Logistics or TV job and have been online ~2h ago. Look for the bazaar icon too as this may indicate some recent sales back in Torn. If your target has a life bar that isn't full it's safe to assume they have been mugged already, keep looking. Be sure you can win the fight – attacks lost abroad is embarrassing and ruins the timing.  Mugging is a risky activity with a low success rate, more often than not you will end up with less than $100k for your efforts. If you don’t stealth your attacks it can and will earn you negative repercussions at some point. Nobody likes hospital time in Argentina.

  • Fly back to Torn. Once landed in Torn your energy will be close to full if you did not mug abroad. Your drug cooldown will be at 3 - 4  hours remaining. Any time you are in Torn you should also be using your nerve bar.  How to best utilize nerve is beyond the scope of this guide. 
  • Now balance your energy regeneration time with your drug cooldown time. Spend energy until they match closely. You can do anything to spend energy, claim bounties, mug, train, pray, search the dump (only for the Optimist merit). Combine these methods to get the timers as close as possible. If you mugged while abroad there will be less adjustments needed at this stage.
  • Once done, make flights to Mexico or Canada until your energy is full and your drug cooldown is over. Do not make any attacks on these flights as it will spoil the synchronisation of your energy and cooldown timers. If you travel to Caymans be advised that the risk for you to be mugged is high due to offshore banking. Hawaii travel is not recommended as there is a lack of profitable items and low stock.
  • When you reach zero drug cooldown and 150 / 150 energy, train the 150 energy and then take a Xanax and train the 250 energy.

You’ve just completed one training cycle. Repeat these steps once more to complete a second training cycle. 

When you again reach zero drug cooldown and 150 / 150 energy it is time for your big train of the day. Eat the best candy you can afford until your booster cooldown is full (Big Box of Chocolates at a minimum). Assuming no faction upgrades, you have 24 hours of available booster cooldown and can eat 48 candy items if they each have a 30 minute cooldown. Now train your 150 energy, then spend 25 points to refill your energy and train 150e again. Last, eat a Xanax and train the 250e. Keep an eye on the clock to ensure you have enough time for this before your happy resets at each 15 minute mark. If you have any extra energy available such as from the seasonal newsletter this is a good time to use it as well. 


Following this routine will provide you the following every day.:

1,350 E spent in the Gym.  After you reach a stats cap of 50 million this can equate to around 3.5 million stats per day gains if trained in Georges or better. That’s 105,000,000 a month.  6 months of this is 243,000 energy spent towards unlocking your factions next steadfast.

58 items imported from flights of 2h duration (UK , Argentina , Swiss ). 

Earnings based on current market value using Monkey Plushies = $2,644,916

116+  items imported from your Canada / Mexico flights. 

Earnings based on cmv for Jaguars = $880,556+ 

Daily importing profits: $3,525,472


Costs of Training

Price of 3 Xanax a day (@830,000) = $2,490,000

Price of 25 points a day (@44,500) = $1,112,500

Price of 48x Big Box Choco a day (@7000) = $336,000 **assuming standard 24h booster cooldown.

Daily training costs: $3,938,500


You will still face a ~$400k deficit. This is made up by mugging, collecting bounties and having a job with saleable use of job points like cans or eDVDs. Post your imports for sale in between flights and store any extra money in your faction vault (or other secure method) Ensure you keep enough cash on you for your next purchase abroad. I would generally stock up once a week on candy, xanax and points but buying training supplies whenever you're holding extra cash is a good way to store your money also. Ensure you have enough savings for your PI rent or upkeep that you are responsible for.

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