THE DOCKS [S] HighQual Wep/Arm [B] HQWA, Xanax, Cans, FHC, etc.


Hello Friend,


My name is Sea Lion, I see you took the trouble of coming down to the docks to find me. I will buy and sell almost anything just let me know why you are here in a message or chat. You must have heard about the high rated armor and weapons I buy and sell. The vast majority of the weapons and armor here will be top tier only unless I am using it as a placeholder for top bazaar. If you came here to buy the cheapest item you could get your hands on I just want to remind you that you get what you pay for. 


Please note most of my weapons and armor will be on the item market for higher visibility.


Upgrading your armor and weapons is the most affordable way to get an instant advantage over your enemy combatants. Ratings are very significant in battle calculations and perform similar to spending several merits on weapon mastery. 


Lets say you have the average combat armor rated 38+ and you are upgrading to 39+. Every step up (39, 40, 41, 42) is about +1% or more damage blocked by armor increase. You get the idea? 


Lets say you have an average rated ArmaLite M-15A4 with 68+ damage and 57+ accuracy while the maximum is 70+ damage and 61+ accuracy. For the damage every step up (69, 70) is a +1% increase up to +3% or more. For the accuracy every step up (58,59,60,61) is a 1% accuracy increase each step!


I hope that sheds some light on why I take so much time to do what I do. It has helped my performance in battle considerably, and I would like to help you too. Enjoy shopping my bazaar. If you find something cheaper elsewhere I will price match it. If you feel something is a bit on the high side message or chat me and we may be able to work out a deal. I will even take trade ins on your old gear to discount your purchase.




 Sea Lion


Arrt! Arrrt!


***I will of course buy and sell the standard trading items when I am online. Check my list below.***



Can of Munster - $2,075,000
Can of Santa Shooters - $2,075,000
Can of Rockstar Rudolph - $2,550,000
Can of Red Cow - $2,550,000
Can of X-MASS - $3,550,000
Can of Tourine Elite - $3,550,000


Lawyer Business Card - $450,000
Erotic DVD - $4,450,000
Gift Card - $4,450,000
Feathery Hotel Coupon - $14,400,000

Box of Medical Supplies - $550,000
Lottery Voucher - $880,000
Box of Grenades - $750,000
Drugs Pack - $4,100,000
Goodie Bag - $25,000,000
Donator Packs - $26,000,000
Xanax - $820,000
Ecstasy - $58,000
Love Juice - $12,000,000
Small Explosive Device - $3,400,000
Business Class Ticket - $5,650,000
40+ Combat Armor - $3-8,000,000
41+ Combat Armor - Negotiable
42+ Combat Armor - Negotiable
31+ Moto Helm - $5,000,000
32+ Moto Helm - Negotiable
33+ Moto Helm - Negotiable

I will purchase any of the following rated weapons. 
70+ Damage 60+ Accuracy ArmaLite M-15A4 
61+ Damage 57+ Accuracy BTMP9 
68+ Damage 42+ Accuracy Flamethower with 46%+ Burn Chance
62+ Damage 66+ Diamond Bladed Knife
62+ Damage 59+ Kodachi Swords
58+ Damage 68+ Accuracy Macana
62+ Damage 62+ Accuracy Metal Nunchakus
*** All prices are subject to change as market fluctuates. We can work out prices that are fair for both of us, just message me. ***
*** All trades are discrete & mug free, stay safe out there! ***
*** To start trade, please chat or mail me. ***
*** If I was able to help you buy or sell something please rate and bump my thread. :) ***
*** See something you like, but a bit on the expensive side? I am usually negotiable depending on the piece, just message me. ***



Description Price
Xanax $815,000
Feathery Hotel Coupon $13,200,000
Can of Taurine Elite $3,700,000
Can of X-MASS $3,700,000
Description Price
Xanax $815,000
Description Price
Feathery Hotel Coupon $13,200,000
Description Price
Can of Taurine Elite $3,700,000
Can of X-MASS $3,700,000
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