Word Definitions
Buying Trains 1) The process of finding a player-run company that will sell you trains to improve your work stats. Positions in a company vary on which two work stats will improve when trained, so make sure to note which position gives you the work stats wanted. Trains will improve the primary work stat for the position by 50, and the secondary work stat by 25.
buff, buffed 1) (verb) to increase the benefits of an existing game mechanic. E.g. if the damage of a Flamethrower was increased by the developers, this weapon can be said to have been buffed.
BB 1) Short for Bodybagger, one of Torn's most powerful players.
2) Short for Benefit Block, which refers to the specific number of shares you need to have in a stock exchange company to receive the benefits they provide. For example, owning 100,000 shares in the ISTC gives you free Education courses.
3) noun Initialism; Blood Bags, a medical item which reduces your current hospital time by 100 mins and restores 20% of your life bar. The use of a blood bag also increases your medical cooldown by 60 minutes. You must use the correct blood bag for your blood type, otherwise, you will become hospitalised. Empty Blood Bags can be purchased and filled with your own blood once you've completed the Intravenous Therapy education course.
Bust 1) With the use of Nerve, you may attempt to "Bust" a player out of jail after they have failed a crime, failed busting someone, or been involved with an Organised Crime with a jail result.
Bail 1) You can pay money to "Bail" another player from Jail.
Buy Mug / Buymug 1) This term refers to the act of one player purchasing items or stocks from another player with the sole intention of mugging them afterwards, thus relieving them of the money they have sent.
Baldr's Guide 1) noun Baldr's Guide, also known as Baldr's Basic Advice, is a guide written by an experienced Torn player which all new players would be wise to follow. It can be found under the Tutorials and Guides section of the Forums.
Book 1) noun Books are single-use items which bestow a bonus upon a player when used. There are 44 books in Torn, and their effects range from a temporary boost to battle stats and a permanent boosts to battle stats, through to temporary guaranteed stealth and an increase in city item spawns. Players who subscribe to Torn have a chance of receiving a book each month, but they can also be found on the City Map on occasion.
Booster 1) noun Booster is a term which refers to any item capable of increasing a beneficial stat. For example, since alcohol boosts your nerve, it is known as a booster. Boosters also include items which reduce a non-beneficial stat, such as Jail Time (Lawyer Business Card), Education Time (Book of Carols), and Gift Card (Bank Investment Time).
BCT 1) noun Initialism; Business Class Ticket, an item which can be used to shorten your travel time to any destination.
BS 1) noun Initialism; Battle Stats, which refers to the four main stats that determine your success in fighting: Strength, Speed, Defense, and Dexterity.
Benefit Block, Block 1) Commonly shortened to BB, this refers to the amount of shares needed in a stock to receive the bonus from said stock. Examples include needing 2,000,000 shares in FHG to receive occasional Feathery Hotel Coupons, and needing 100,000 shares in LSC to receive occasional Lottery Vouchers.
Bonus 1) noun The incremental respect boost received after reaching certain points in a chain.
BJ 1) noun Initialism; Blackjack, a game you can play at the Torn Casino.
Balanced 1) adjective This term is used to describe players whose Battle Stats are relatively equal, compared to others. Whereas some players train one or two of their stats more than the others, a balanced player has trained all four to the same degree.
BOM 1) noun Initialism; Box of Medical Supplies, a Supply Pack item which provides either 20 Morphine, 30 First Aid Kits, or 50 Small First Aid Kits when opened.
BOG 1) noun Initialism; Box of Grenades, a supply pack item which provides you with 100 Grenades or 100 HEGs when opened.
BBC 1) noun Initialism; Big Boxes of Chocolate, a candy item which provides 35 happiness when consumed.
BAG 1) noun Initialism; Big Al's Gun Shop, used in reference to the weapon and ammunition store on Torn's East Side. This is also the "Acronym" used for the stock you can purchase in said company.
burner 1) noun A faction used for a short term to avoid main factions losing great amounts of respect - eg while raiding or farming respect
Bags 1) noun Short for Blood Bags, most commonly used in reference to Empty Blood Bags, which a player can fill with their own blood and store for later use as a medical item. Bags may also be used by some players to refer to full Blood Bags, although the term "bloods" is more common in this context.
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