Word Definitions
DB 1) Short for Dirty Bomb, which is an explosive device factions can use to reduce another faction's respect.
DP 1) Donator Packs. When used, these items provide you with Donator Status, which comes with a range of useful benefits. They enter the market when they are provided to players who donate to Torn, but they can also be sold to the Pawn Shop or in the item market for approximately $24,000,000 - although this figure changes quite a lot over time.
Defence Whore 1) This derogatory term is used towards players whose defence stat is much higher than their other fighting stats.
DBK 1) Diamond-bladed knife, a popular melee weapon.
Duals 1) Short-hand that may refer to different types of Dual weapons. "Dual Primaries" or "Dual SMGs" refer to extremely rare weapons such as the Dual TMPs or Dual UZIs auctioned off many years ago. Many have sold for > $20,000,000,000. "Dual Melees" refer to Dual Hammers, Dual Scimitars, Dual Axes or Dual Samurai Swords. These were brought into circulation years ago under a previous mission system and can now only be traded player to player.
DA 1) Detective Agency company; a company type which, at sufficient level, provides its employees with the ability to arrest other players - provided their crime record is long enough.
2) noun Initialism; Destructive Anomaly, one of Torn's top factions.
Dongs 1) Dongs is a bastardization of the word Dogs, which Torn players were once able to train and fight against each other. This feature will never return to Torn, but those who wish it would often use the phrase "Bring back dongs". In recent years, this meme has been celebrated through the naming of the Dongs Elimination team, and the creation of five collectable plushie Dongs called Holly, Effy, Jeremy, Thomas, and Greg.
Driving licence 1) Needed for crimes and achieved through general education courses. Not needed for racing.
Docks 1) Docks is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
2) noun The Docks is a location in the City where cars can be purchased.
Dm 1) Direct message, as in sending a message to someone's inbox rather than via their chat box.
DoctorN 1) noun DoctorN is / was an approved browser plug-in which adds numerous new features to Torn. Created by Torn player Mauk, this tool may or may not still be working due to the huge task of updating it whenever Torn itself adds new features and functions.
DP Slut 1) noun This is a term used to describe people who purchase huge amounts of Donator Packs from the game in order to progress at a faster rate than usual.
Demoe'd, Demoed 1) verb Slang / shorthand for Demoralized, the debuff that has a chance of being applied when taking a positive damage hit from the Gold Plated AK47.
DS 1) noun Initialism; Driver Skill, a stat which indicates your level of ability in races. Your driver skill increases every time you race in Official or Custom events.
DEF 1) noun Shorthand for Defense, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
DEX 1) noun Shorthand for Dexterity, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
Duke 1) noun Torn's resident loan shark. Also known as Shirley Prima Dante Calabrese, The Duke can be visited at his office via the Loan Shark link on the City Map. Here you may borrow up to $2 billion from him depending on your previous activities. Duke can also be looted.
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