Word Definitions
RR 1) Initialism; Russian Roulette, a player vs player game you can play at the Casino where two people take it in turns to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.
Rev 1) Short for Reviving, as in the act of reviving a player who is currently in the hospital.
Revive Contract 1) A revive contract is an agreement between factions or groups of players which involves one group agreeing to revive the other in return for payment.
RIP 1) Initialism; Rest in Peace, refers to a special designation for players who have died in real life, and whose status has been marked on their profile.
rehab 1) Short for Rehabilitation, which refers to clearing the effects of overdose or excessive drug use. This typically involves flying to Switzerland and using the rehabilitation clinic there.
RNG 1) noun Random Number Generator, usually used as a reference to the chances of a particular occurrence. In terms of using drugs like Xanax for example, the chances of overdosing is RNG, there's no particular way of knowing when you'll overdose.
RS 1) Initialism; Racing Skill, also known as Driver Skill, is a secret score known only to you which indicates your level of ability at the race track. Racing Skill is improved by racing in both Official and Custom races, and you will always earn skill regardless of where you finish.
RMT 1) Initialism; Real Money Trading, the trading of Torn cash for real-life cash or vice versa. This act is strictly prohibited by Torn and is punished by a ban from the game.
Racing Licence, RL 1) In order for players to partake in races they must first purchase a Racing Licence. These can be bought in the points building for 50 points.
Racing points, RP 1) Racing Points are earned by finishing first, second or third in official races. You must earn a certain number of racing points in order to rank up through the five racing classes - racing points earned via companies do not count towards this total. Racing Points can also be used to purchase upgrades to your car.
Rolling 1) Rolling describes the technique of quickly stacking needle benefits from one fight to the next by swapping different needles and using them in each attack, with the result being that several needle benefits are in effect at once when facing more difficult opponents. Needles is a term used to describe the four injectable temporary weapons, Melatonin, Tyrosine, Epinephrine, and Serotonin.
RESPO 1) noun RESPO refers to the 2014 upgrade of Torn City which removed several old elements, upgraded others, and added new elements to the game.
ROI 1) noun Initialism; Return On Investment, the money or benefits you are expected to gain as a result of investing cash and / or time into something. For example, the ROI of a Company would be the profits you'd make and the potential gains from its specials when compared to the cost of buying it, upgrading it, and paying your employees. The ROI of Stock investments would be the payouts from Stock Blocks and the chance of your stock rising in price compared to the initial price you paid.
R, RE 1) noun Initialism; Relentless, one of Torn's top factions.
Refill 1) verb The act of refilling your nerve or energy bar using a Refill, which is either free or purchased for 25 points.
Restart 1) verb To restart is to close or abandon your existing account and start a new one, which players often do to give themselves a new challenge, or escape the attention of an unwanted aggressor. The term Restart is also used as a noun to describe a player who has done this.
Raid 1) noun A Raid is a form of destructive warring whereby one faction attacks another with the sole purpose of reducing its Respect score or destroying it outright. After 24 hours, the faction with the most respect taken can choose to Cease the raid. Raid is also a verb, e.g. To raid a faction.
Rig 1) noun Shorthand for Oil Rig, one of the most profitable companies which Torn's players can own.
Runner 1) noun A runner is a player who frequently travels abroad to buy items, which can then be sold in Torn for a higher price. Plushies, Flowers and Drugs are the most common items bought and sold by runners.
Red 1) verb Red refers to the act of failing a crime, as it is the color displayed when a player's attempt at a crime ends unsuccessfully.
Rep, Resp 1) noun Shorthand / slang for respect, as in Faction Respect, the metric by which all factions are judged. Faction activities can both earn and lose respect, and this determines many things, including their place in the Hall of Fame, and which upgrades they can unlock.
Retal 1) noun Retaliation/Retaliatory hit
regen 1) verb When your energy/nerve/life bars are regenerating - not full but showing a timer - Less than the max (ex: Dump all of your energy until you are in regen)
RW 1) verb Ranked War: Ranked warring is where Factions fight one another in a 1v1 setting in order to progress through ranked tiers, and earn rewards.
2) noun Ranked war(s). Factions can enlist in ranked wars for respect, points, and caches. Winner of a ranked war is determined when a side has established a certain amount of lead (in points).
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