Word Definitions
Locking 1) Waiting to take the final action of an attack, Leave/Mug/Hospitalize, until told to. Often used during chains to spread out hits by waiting for the timer to get low.
leveling target 1) A player account that has a high level for their stats. Players wishing to level up rapidly can repeatedly attack a leveling target. This practice is most common among players under level 15.
LM 1) Short for Logistics Management company, one of the many company types in Torn which players can work for and own.
losses 1) Attacking someone with the intention of deliberately losing in exchange for cash, also known as Slutting.
Lavish 1) adjective A catchphrase and / or description used to imply great wealth or prosperity. It was popularized by the player Evil_Duck, who was later banned from the game.
Locals, local 1) noun Local is a term used to describe any player who is currently in the same city as you when you have travelled abroad. For example, if you are in Buenos Aires and Chedburn is with you, Chedburn is a local. Once he flies home to Torn, he is no longer a local.
LBC 1) noun Initialism; Lawyer Business Card, an item which can be used to release yourself from Jail.
Liquid 1) adjective Liquid is a term used to refer to any items which are easily convertible into cash due to their popularity. For example, Xanax is extremely liquid, as it sells swiftly when placed for sale on the Item Market. On the other hand, Stocks would not be considered liquid, due to the time it takes for them to sell. A player may describe part of their networth as being liquid if a certain proportion of it is made up of saleable items.
Loot 1) verb To loot is to relieve an NPC of their lootable items. Loot is also used as a noun to describe these individual items. For example, you can loot Leslie to obtain a Nock Gun. A Nock Gun is also an item of Leslie's loot.
Lotto, Lotto Room 1) noun This term usually refers to the Discord chat rooms where players run unofficial lotteries. However, Lotto is also sometimes used to refer to Torn's three Lotteries, which are run at the Casino.
LC 1) noun Initialism; Logistics Company, one of the most powerful and profitable company types in Torn City.
LSC 1) noun Initialism; Lucky Shots Casino, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
lvl 1) noun Short for level. e.g I'm at lvl 50
Life 1) noun The blue Life bar in the top left corner of the screen is an indication of how much life you have left. Life is reduced through attacking, defending, overdosing, losing Russian Roulette, failing crimes, using the wrong type of blood bag, or opening a package containing an SED. Life can be restored through the use of medical items, but it will also replenish naturally over time. If your life is reduced to zero you will be sent to the hospital to recover.
Leslie 1) noun Leslie Chanthavong is the Spin the Wheel operator at the Torn City Casino. He is also a lootable NPC.
Level Holding 1) adjective When a player does not level up when given the option by Torn
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