Word Definitions
memewar, meme war 1) Two opposing groups post memes in a forum thread to support their position and belittle the opposing side. Most often seen in the faction discussion forum during a territory war.
Med Out 1) The use of medicine or blood bags to get out of the hospital before your time is up.
Merit 1) Merits are a type of currency awarded for achieving certain goals in Torn, goals which are often also marked by the receipt of a Medal or Honor. Merits can be used to upgrade several special characteristics for your account such as Stat Passives, Mug Percentage, and Weapon Mastery.
Medal 1) A type of Award. These are displayed at the bottom of your profile when earned, and are used to denote various impressive achievements, such as donating for a long time, maintaining a high networth over a certain period, or attacking a certain number of people.
Mudpit 1) Mudpit is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Meltdown 1) Meltdown is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Mugging 1) noun The act of taking money from another player after defeating them in combat.
Mugpro 1) noun Short for mug protection, which refers to the temporary protection given to players who have recently been mugged. The amount of money you can lose from a second mugging depends on how quickly it occurs to the first mugging.
MAN 1) noun Abbreviation; Manual, one of the three Working Stats.
Mela 1) noun Mela is short for Melatonin, an injectable temporary which boosts your Speed.
MnC 1) noun Initialism; Mentos and Cola, one of Torn's top factions.
Multi 1) noun Slang, shorthand used to describe a player with multiple accounts. It is against the rules for Torn players to have more than one account. A player who is accused or suspected of running more than one account will be called a Multi. Torn's system for catching these players is called the Multihunter.
MC, MP 1) noun Initialism; Mission Credits / Mission Points, which refer to the currency paid out upon the successful completion of an NPC mission. Mission Credits is the correct term as used by the game itself. Mission Credits can be used to buy books, weapon mods, and weapon attachments.
MCS 1) noun Shorthand; McSmoogle Corp, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
MSG 1) noun Shorthand; Messaging INC, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
Mercenary 1) noun Players who are hired by others to act as a combatant on their behalf. Mercenaries tend to have high battle stats and are mostly hired by small factions to help them during wars. The fees charged for such a service vary from time to time.
Museum 1) noun The Museum is a place in the City where players can exchange sets of plushies, sets of flowers, or certain other items for points.
Missions 1) noun Missions are short-term objectives handed out by NPCs. Players must complete contracts for George and Anonymous before progressing onto the third mission-giver, Duke. A fourth mission-giver, Amanda, is set to be introduced in the near future. As you successfully complete contracts for Duke or any other agent, you will gain standing. You can lose standing by failing or declining contracts. By successfully completing many contracts, the difficulty level, rewards and amount of contracts available will begin to rise.
Mods 1) noun Short for modifications, as in weapon modifications. There are twelve categories of weapon modifications, each of which can be attached to a weapon to improve it in some way, shape, or form.
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