Word Definitions
SEs 1) Stat Enhancers: Boxing Gloves, Skateboard, Parachute, Dumbbells
Stacking Energy 1) The use of items to "stack" your energy above the traditional energy cap (either 150 with donator/subscriber status, or 100 without). The most common item used to achieve this is Xanax (250 energy), although players can use LSD (50 energy) or Energy Drinks (vary between 5 to 30 energy) to avoid using Xanax. Please note that using drugs to stack carries the risk of Overdosing, which can result in the loss of all your energy if caused by Xanax or LSD.
Slutting 1) Verb Attacking another user and losing on purpose.
Sec-7, Sec-7'ed 1) Sector 7 is the outermost part of the Torn City map, an area which contains the least beneficial territories. When a faction's territories are taken by a rival and they have nowhere else to go they are forced off the territories map entirely, meaning they must then rejoin in Sector 7. The term "sector 7'ed" refers to this situation.
SED 1) Initialism; Small Explosive Device, and item which, if placed in a box, will explode when the box is opened. These boxes can then be sent to an opponent who will be hospitalized upon opening, or they can be used to hospitalize yourself to protect your on-hand cash or dog tags.
slut, slutting 1) Slutting refers to the act of selling losses or runaways to other players. Specifically, the practice of being paid to attack a stronger player and then lose or run away, thus improving the target's number of defends won or opponent-runaways.
safe crimes 1) The term "safe crimes" refers to the subset of crimes that do not negatively impact your crime experience, either because they cannot be failed or because a failure does not send you to jail.
SFAK 1) Initialism; Small First Aid Kit, a medical item which restores part of your life bar upon use.
SSL 1) Initialism; Sports Science Laboratory, a gym for players who have used less than 150 xanax and ecstasy combined.
Sams 1) Short for Samurai Swords, a type of Melee weapon. Dual Sams refers to the rare set of two Samurai Swords.
Soon 1) A theoretical unit of time which can not be precisely quantified but is suspected to be greater than 12 parsecs and less than the heat death of the universe. This term is often used in reference to anticipated future updates to Torn, such as Crimes 2.0, which have been forthcoming for a long time indeed.
SS 1) Initialism; Sweet Shop, one of the company types which players may own and operate.
Stat Cap 1) Stat Cap refers to the point at which a player earns 50,000,000 in a fighting stat, after which gym gains no longer increase exponentially.
Sewage 1) Sewage is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Speedway 1) Speedway is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Stonepark 1) Stonepark is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
SE, Stat Enhancer 1) Initialism; Stat Enhancer, an item which provides a 1% gain in one Battle Stat in return for 6 hours of Booster Cooldown. There are four Stat Enhancers, each of which affects one particular Battle Stat; Boxing Gloves (Defense), Dumbbells (Strength), Skateboards (Speed), and Parachutes (Dexterity). Stat Enhancers can be found randomly in the city or purchased from Nikeh Sports at a cost of $450,000,000 each.
Stat Whore 1) A stat whore is a player who trains one battle stat heavily in exclusion of the other three. Players will often be referred to specifically according to the stat they have "whored", such as a Dex Whore, Defense Whore, Strength Whore, or Speed Whore.
Salt 1) noun If there is drama or heated discussion in the forums, it is said to be filled with salt. Torn's Salt Mine company was created in response to the sheer levels of salt which often inhabit General Discussion.
SA 1) noun Initialism; Subversive Alliance, one of Torn's top factions.
2) noun Initialism; South Africa, a travel location.
Sector 1) noun A part of Torn's City Map with regard to the territorial system. Torn is split up into seven sectors, running from sector 1 in the centre through to sector 7 on the fringes of the city. The further out a sector is, the lower the respect you'll receive for holding one of its territories.
Sero 1) noun Sero is short for Serotonin, an injectable temporary which boosts your Defense.
Smoke / Smoked 1) noun Shorthand / slang for a Smoke Bomb or the use of a Smoke Bomb, a temporary item which reduces your opponent's speed temporarily.
Sub 1) noun Short for Subscriber, as in a player who subscribes to Torn for a monthly fee, thus earning several useful benefits.
Sig 1) noun Shorthand for Signature, as in Profile Signature, which is a customizable area at the bottom of your profile where you can add text and images. This can be turned off for yourself and other players if you wish.
STR 1) noun Shorthand for Strength, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
SPD 1) noun Shorthand for Speed, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
Safe Trader 1) noun A Safe Trader is one who is known to avoid buy-mugging their clients, or letting others know about forthcoming trades so they may instead buy-mug them.
Shirley 1) noun Shirley is used in reference to The Duke, one of Torn's NPCs and the city's resident loan shark. The Duke's full name is Shirley Prima Dante Calabrese.
Set 1) noun Slang; the term Set most commonly refers to a full collection of Plushies or Flowers which can be exchanged at the Museum for points. It is also sometimes used in reference to the full sets of other items tradable at the Museum, such as Coins, or Senet game pieces.
SYM 1) noun Shorthand; Symbiotic Ltd, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
SYS 1) noun Shorthand; Syscore MFG, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
SLAG 1) noun Initialism; Society and Legal Authorities Group, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
Scrooge 1) noun An NPC who comes online at Christmas and is lootable.
Stealth / Stealthing 1) noun Stealth is an improvable attribute that enables you to attack players without your identity being shown. If you are attacked by a stealthed player, the word "someone" will appear where a player's name usually would. Your level of stealth can be improved using certain weapons, armors, mods, company bonuses, and merits.
Staff 1) noun The term Staff can be used to refer to either in-game assistants to the Community Manager or those who are professionally hired by Torn to work on the game. It is more common for players to use Staff in reference to the former. Staff members who enforce the rules and assist players with various issues are given one of three titles; Officer, Moderator, or Helper. In addition, we also have members of Staff who are paid to work on Torn, with these people given various titles under the umbrella of Admin.
SP 1) noun 1) noun Initialism; Savage Plague, one of Torn's top factions.
SWAT 1) noun Acronym; Special Weapons and Tactics, one of Torn's upcoming factions.
Sell Mug / Sell-Mug 1) noun This term refers to the act of a seller perceiving that someone who has purchased from their bazaar is holding much cash (eg buying faction Xanax) so mugs the player offering their money a new home
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