Word Definitions
CE 1) Crime experience, which is your "crime skill level". A higher CE means a higher success chance when attempting crimes.
Crimes 2.0 1) This is the name given to a project involving a complete overhaul of the existing Crimes system. It has been in development for some time, and many jokes and memes are made of its delay.
chedded 1) (verb) to reduce the benefits of an existing game mechanic. See "nerf".
circlejerk, circle-jerk 1) A group discussion involving like-minded players, often from the same faction, that validates mutual biases or goals. Often seen in the faction discussion forum.
capped 1) 1) Reaching ~50m in each battlestat, at which point the rate of gain no longer increases, 2) Reaching 200-300k in each battlestat, at which point happy jumps are less effective than training with cans or FHCs.
Custom races 1) These are a form of race you can take part it at the Race Track. While Official Races are run automatically and provide both Racing Points and Racing Skill, custom races are set by other Torn players and are customisable in many different ways. No racing points will be earned through these races, but you can earn extra racing skill, and potentially some cash if a Bet Amount has been assigned.
Commerce 1) Commerce is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Convict 1) Convict is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Cm 1) Short for Community Manager, whose role is, among many other things, to oversee the drafting and enforcement of Torn's rules. Bogie is our current Community Manager.
Ched 1) noun The nickname given to Joe Chedburn, Torn's creator.
CD, Cooldown 1) noun Initialism of Cooldown, which refers to the timer penalty applied to the use of booster to prevent them being overused. Each time you use an item a certain amount of time is added to your booster cooldown, and once this reaches 24 hours you must then wait for it to drop before using another item - this limit can be increased through the use of certain faction upgrades.
CR 1) noun Initialism; Chain Reaction, one of Torn's top factions.
Chaining 1) verb Chaining is a warring tool used by factions to gain respect. It involves a faction's members making continuous attacks against other players within a set period of time in order to reach certain milestones. There are thirteen chaining milestones as of 2020, beginning with 10 attacks and topping out at 100,000 attacks.
CT, Christmas Town 1) noun Christmas Town is a playable map full of puzzles and prizes which is open for several weeks every Christmas. There was originally just one Christmas Town map created by the developers, but in 2019, player-created maps were made available for the first time.
Croco 1) noun Shorthand / slang for Crocozade, one of the cheapest Energy Drinks available.
Chute 1) noun Shorthand / slang for Parachute, a stat enhancer which permanently increases your Dexterity by 1%.
CNC 1) noun Initialism; Crude & Co, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
Chain watching 1) verb Sitting with energy available and/or energy boosters and/or energy refill ready to use, during a faction chain, keeping a constant eye on the chain counter to be sure that the chain won't drop.
Crime Brulee 1) verb The act of performing Warehouse arson.
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